Kronke Ranch

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Welcome to the Kronke Ranch.

We offer a unique selection of whole hazelnuts, shelled hazelnuts, raw hazelnuts, roasted haznut in shellelnuts, and flavored hazelnuts.

Our small family farm produces a crop of hazelnuts that is cultivated by hand. Literally, most every nut is inspected and processed for the highest quality product.husk

Due to the increased quantity of our harvest, we are now offering our hazelnuts for sale on-line.

Our roasted and flavored hazelnuts are processed in the kitchen at the Crow Grange in very small batches. The majority of our products are sold at the Eugene Oregon Farmers Market.

The Kronke Ranch also offers beef for sale. Our beef is comcowspletely hormone free, grass fed, organic beef. We offer it for sale by the pound, quarter, half, or whole beef.


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